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Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society - SUBS
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Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society - SUBS
SUBS is the Sydney chapter of a worldwide network of scuba diving clubs for gay men, lesbians and their friends. 
SUBS is a non-profit making social diving and snorkelling club for gay men and lesbians and their friends in Sydney and beyond. The club was formed in 1993. Membership is open to gay men and lesbians and their friends with a common interest in diving or snorkelling. 
We dive every month in and around Sydney, and include several trips per year to dive on the North and South Coasts. Our dive days include both shore and boat dives. Check out our Dive calendar for a list of dives planned for the next month or so. The dive calendar indicates which dives are also suitable for snorkellers.

Diving in and around Sydney with like minded people.
We dive in and around Sydneyat locations determined by our members.
You must be certified by a recognised diving agency to come on a dive with SUBS. 
Have a favourite dive site? Let us know for our next dive.
Sydney has some great temperate water diving and is the home to one of the special Australian animals - the Weedy Seadragon. These can be found around Botany Bay on nearly every dive (if you know what to look out for). An hour north of Sydney lies the wreck of the HMAS Adelaide. Sunk in 2011 as a dive site, the wreck is only 1.8 kms off the coast of Avoca lying in 32m on the bottom. This is an Advanced Dive. 
SUBS is a social diving club open to all
You only have to bring your dive certification card along to a dive to dive with us. 

We operate our membership list and events calendar through our facebook group page - SUBS Diving.
SUBS has been an affiliate member of Diving For Life for many years, actively participating in the event since 2004.
In 2009 a SUBS member was elected to the board of directors.
Diving For LIfe holds an annual gay & lesbian diving event which raises money for health charities that are focused on the needs of the LGBTI community 

Below is a list of Gay & Lesbian Dive Groups around the world
Dive the Rain Bow  Bali    Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers 
Rainbow-Scuba.com Thailand    Village Dive Club 
USA- New York
      Gay and Lesbian Adventure Travel & Dive Instruction  USA- California
EUROPE     Oak Lawn Ski & Scuba 
USA - Dallas
Plongee Arc-En-Ciel 
France    Barnacle Busters  USA - Los Angeles
Gruppo Pesce Milano Italy   Triangle Divers 
USA- New England 
Norway   Undersea Expeditions 
USA- Hawaii
Gay Dive Team Netherlands   Northern California Rainbow Divers 
USA- San Francisco 
Gay and Lesbian Underwater Group UK - London   Bottom Dwellers 
USA- Seattle 
Pink Tank UK - Manchester   SAA Scuba Club 
USA- South Florida
      Lambda Divers, Inc. 
USA- Washington DC
      Ruby Red Flippers USA - Portland
You can contact us via email - CLICK HERE
or via our Facebook page       - CLICK HERE